AfroScience Network


Challenged by the lack of STEM information and news in the media space in Africa, we have designed a platform to address this shortfall. We are a team of scientists and engineers interested in communicating the world of STEM to ordinary people and mainstreaming research in STEM for development in Africa.


Our vision is to be the premier voice and platform for works of scientists of African origin, to become the hub for the promotion of scientific knowledge and its applications in various settings across Africa to support socioeconomic development on the continent.


To accomplish this, AfroScience Network has the following objectives:

  1. To collate the stories and experiences of African scientists across the world, make them publicly available for the promotion, recognition and appreciation of African scientists
  2. To demystify STEM and encourage young African students to venture into this area of study and to offer them relevant support in their endeavor.
  3. To create a database of indigenous African scientific knowledge and promote it to dispel the notion of the non-African nature of science. 
  4. To make scientific knowledge and applications readily available in all parts of Africa and to all Africans through audiovisual materials in various languages on the continents
  5. To collaborate with all ethical organizations which promote and disseminate STEM knowledge, especially for the benefit of Africans.

Founder's Message
Dr. Cyril Dziedzorm Boateng
Welcome to AfroScience Network, a platform born from my own frustration with the underrepresentation of African scientific voices. We are a team of scientists and engineers fueled by a shared passion for demystifying STEM, celebrating its African heroes, and unlocking its potential for development across the continent. Join us on this journey of discovery, exploration, and empowerment. Let's break down barriers, share stories, and ignite a new era of African scientific excellence together. Imagine a future where scientific knowledge flows freely across Africa, empowering communities, driving innovation, and shaping a brighter tomorrow. That's the vision driving AfroScience Network. We are building a hub for research breakthroughs, personal journeys, and practical applications that impact society. Join us as we bridge the gap between science and ordinary people, nurturing young minds, promoting indigenous knowledge, and making science a driving force for African progress. Whether you're a seasoned scientist seeking a platform to share your work, a young student dreaming of a future in STEM, or simply curious about the world around you, AfroScience Network welcomes you. We believe everyone deserves access to the wonder and transformative power of science. Explore our platform, discover inspirational stories, engage in discussions, and become part of a vibrant community redefining African science for the 21st century.